Fried shrimps with secret sauce

Fried shrimps with secret sauce
Fried shrimps with secret sauce
the ingredients

A kilo of large or medium shrimps
Whole head crushed garlic
black pepper
Fish spices
Hot sauce
2 cups of flour
Baking powder suspended
A large starch hanging
Cold water depending on the mixture
Lemon and chilli pods
frying oil

The steps

We prepare shrimps, peel and leave a tail
↤ We open shrimp with a knife from the back and pick up the black thread
↤ We wash shrimps with salt, rinse with cold water and put in a colander
↤ We prepare the garlic and put it in the pest, not the mixer, and put the powder, salt, and spices of fish, salt, curry and the ingredient.
↤ Marinate the shrimp and leave it for fifteen minutes, so that it only takes a quarter of an hour to season it, for the shrimp is milled
↤ We prepare flour and spices and mix them with each other and we can put garlic powder with them and prepare the water and put on the flour a little by grilling for the remainder of the tahini fish
↤ We prepare the shrimp and put it in the regular flour, an important step, because the dough stuck in it, and after that we put it in the liquid mixture and on the hot oil along the required oil, and we put a large number of chopped pods in the oil to give it a sweet flavor
↤ The first thing that comes out of the fire, squeeze the lemon over it, which is hot, and with our wellness, you will eat the sweetest shrimp
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