Delicious Boiled Shrimp Recipe

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Today we meet in the Spanish cuisine, where the recipe for delicious boiled shrimp in the Spanish way, a very easy and suitable way to work with multiple cocktails and shrimp salads.

Most Spaniards love shrimp, just like most people in countries that are on a large coast (for those who have not read one of my previous topics, I live in a coastal city where fresh seafood is always available). Depending on the size of the shrimp you buy, the cooking time may vary slightly, but the technique is the same in all cases. The secret lies in boiling shrimp until they are tender and immediately placed in ice water, so that the crust turns off, but the meat remains tender.

Spring is on the doors and that means a great mood for cooking! One of my favorite recipes for warm weather is this simple boiled shrimp. Fast, easy and very delicious.

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If you followed the boiled shrimp recipe and made sure to use a lot of boiling water and a lot of iced water, you would end up with the tenderest shrimp you've ever tried! I highly recommend using fresh large shrimps of course (if fresh shrimps are not available as you live, be sure to buy the highest quality frozen shrimps available in your local market!). Do not sacrifice the fun of this unparalleled food.

I adore the simplicity of this fresh shrimp and I can have it in the cocktail along with any other food throughout the day. I brought this easy recipe for boiled shrimp from the internet without putting my spice mixture, and it makes it one of the best shrimp recipes I've ever had!

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Delicious Boiled Shrimp Recipe

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  • 2 pounds of raw shrimp, if jumbo shrimp is available in your local market, I recommend it!
  • Water (pay attention to the amounts below, it is important!)
  • Too much ice (at least 2 cups)
  • 4 tablespoons of sea salt


  1. First prepare a water bath - put about 4 quarts of cold water in a large bowl and add sea salt and ice. Stir the mixture until the water cools and dissolves some salt.
  2. Add another 4-5 quarts of water to a large pot and leave to boil.
  3. Add all shrimp at once and add a slight buzz.
  4. Adding the shrimp will stop boiling for about a minute or so, when the water starts to boil again, it changes the color of the shrimp and starts to float upward, then it comes out immediately - don't cook!
  5. Take it out as quickly as possible with a time-spoon and add it directly to the cold water bowl. The water should stay cool even if all hot shrimps are added - if not, add more ice!
  6. After 15 minutes, drain the shrimp and serve it, or put it in the fridge covered with a wet paper towel for up to one day.
  7. In Spain it serves as is, sometimes with lemon slices. People peel them with their hands and don't worry about deveining. If you prefer to pound and sack before serving, you definitely cannot!


If you want a special mix of spices, I prefer it personally to boil shrimps, you can find it in the following topic: How to Boil Shrimp for Perfect Recipes
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