Is Shrimp Healthy? 12 Reasons why we should eat shrimps every week

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Shrimp is available in almost every holiday list, but some people are not sure if they should avoid shrimp or dig into it. Here are ten things you should know

Shrimp is one of the most famous and loved seafood scattered around the world because of its very distinctive taste. It also has other names such as prawns. Shrimp meat is one of the most important types of meat as it contains a small percentage of calories and a small percentage of fat as well.

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There are several types and colors of shrimp, and there are pink shrimps, gray shrimps, and brown shrimps, but the most famous of these types is shrimps pink in color, and the size of shrimps also varies, as there are up to 6-7 cm in length and brown shrimps are gigantic as their length may reach 30 cm, and from In terms of the nutritional value of shrimp, it is very beneficial in the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

It contains important nutritional elements such as many minerals, vitamins and proteins. Among the most important nutrients and nutrients that shrimp or shrimp contain are copper, phosphorus, zinc, iron, calcium, sodium and manganese. Selenium and contains high levels of Qatamen B-12, vitamin E, vitamin D, a small percentage of vitamin C.

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So, shrimp is like a pharmacy that contains a large number of nutrients that are very important to the health of the body in addition to the high content of protein, and we will answer in detail below your question about whether or not shrimp is healthy.


The shrimp contains a high content of selenium, which attacks the free radicals that cause cancer, since selenium is a strong oxidizing agent that rid cells of free radicals.

Treat obesity and avoid excessive weight

Shrimp contains small amounts of fat and also contains low-calorie protein, so shrimp meat is a great alternative to other sources of protein and meat and helps in slimming and treating obesity.

Skin and hair

The skin and hair are always in need of more proteins. Therefore, care must be taken to take the abundant portion of the proteins that shrimp provide greatly to maintain the health of the skin and hair. Also, those who eat shrimp enjoy healthy hair and fresh, soft and healthy skin.

Bone health

Shrimps contain a high content of phosphorous and calcium, which are very important in building and maintaining strong bones and in good health.

Improve mood

Shrimp is one of the important sources of omega-3 fatty acid. Studies and research have proven that this fatty acid works to reduce depression and improve mood and mental health in people who suffer from depression.


The copper element is considered one of the most important elements for maintaining the health of the thyroid gland and shrimp as a distinct source of copper, which makes it a very important food to maintain the health and safety of the thyroid gland.


Shrimps also contain magnesium, which studies and research have proven important in limiting and preventing the development of diabetes in people with it.

Improve intimacy

Shrimp helps to improve sexual health because it contains zinc and is an excellent substitute for red meat, which eating with time leads to clogged arteries and prevent blood flow to the genitals, and thus works effectively to improve sexual health in men.

Good protein source for vegetarians

As shrimp meat contains a very small percentage of harmful fats and very few calories, and therefore vegetarians prefer it because it provides them with many of the elements that the body needs, especially for those who do not like eating other meat.

Brain health

Shrimp contains high levels of iron, which is a major mineral component in the bonding process with oxygen in hemoglobin. With the presence of additional iron in the system, an increase in the flow of oxygen to the muscles can occur, providing strength and endurance, with an increase in the flow of oxygen to the brain, which appears to improve understanding, memory and concentration. Studies indicate that astaxanthin in shrimp may help improve memory performance, the survival of brain cells, and reduce the risk of encephalitis.

It is also a good source of iodine, which helps the human body produce thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones, in turn, are necessary for the development of the brain during childhood and pregnancy.

Basically, you can raise test scores and improve your exercise regimen at the same time by including shrimp in your diet!

Reduces menstrual pain

Not all cholesterol is created equally, and shrimp is a source of a beneficial type of cholesterol, omega 3 fatty acids. These well-studied negative effects of omega-6 fatty acids will balance and help relieve menstrual cramps in women, as well as promote healthy blood flow to the genitals By reducing other harmful forms of cholesterol in the bloodstream.

Anti-aging properties

Sunlight is one of the main reasons that promote skin aging. Without protection, even a few minutes of sunlight and UVA may lead to wrinkles, spots, or sunburn. By adding shrimp to your daily or weekly diet, people can improve their chances of beautifying their skin and displacing years of worn out faces.

It contains high levels of a specific carotenoid called astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant that can significantly reduce signs of aging in the skin related to UV rays and sunlight. Therefore, for individuals obsessed with spots and wrinkled skin, add shrimp cocktail to your diet several times a week to slow those inevitable effects.

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Thus it becomes clear to us that shrimp is a very useful seafood for diabetics and for those who want to reduce weight and for diabetics and prevent cancer and works to strengthen hair, skin, bones and teeth.

Despite all the important health and therapeutic benefits mentioned for shrimps, you should be careful and do not overuse it, as excessive consumption of shrimp may lead to the emergence of allergies to it and may also lead to gout as a result of increased uric acid in the blood.

We hope that we have provided a set of integrated information on shrimp and the multiple benefits and the need to make sure to eat it even once a week and not to waste it until you enjoy the benefits and avoid its harms and thus you have succeeded in exploiting this delicious meal very perfectly.
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